La Mia Famiglia Italiana

First off, I will be living in Torino, Italy. This is Italy’s third largest city and home to around 1 million people. It is also home to one of Italy’s largest car dealerships, Fiat.

I have two host parents, a father and mother. My mother’s name is Caterina, and My father’s name is Raimondo. I have a little host brother named Federico, and he is 12. They also have a cat named Tosca.

My mother, Caterina is an interior Designer, and my host father, Raimondo, is a business manager.

Federico seems to be an active boy. He plays soccer, and basketball (he loves basketball) and is a boy scout.

All three love to run, and ski. Raimondo likes volleyball, and they all like the beach.

Caterina is from the Tuscany region of Italy and Raimondo is from Torino (I believe). They have a country house in the Tuscany Region.

This is a new experience for me. My whole life I always wished for a normal family atmosphere, and I may actually be getting one. I also have a little brother to boot. I’m very excited to be going to Italy, and I can honestly say I have lived in another person’s shoes.

Oh also, I will be going to a school in Italy. I have it’s name, but I can’t really figure out exactly what it is called. It does have a language curriculum, which I am excited for. I hope I will get to continue on in my Spanish studies while I am over there.

For now, Buonanotte

Michael Riley

P.S. Here is a wonderful view of Torino, Italia.

Torino 2


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